All-in-One Recording Rig

An all-in-one design to professionally capture and record up to 8 signals. Never before has it been so easy to get that vibey, classic sound and instantly have it digitized and sent on to a DAW. With this extremely portable unit you can take your rig anywhere while assuring the best results possible. With the possibilities of capturing MIC, LINE or INSTRUMENT level signals all the bases are covered. The built in analog to digital converter uses the latest technology to offer pristine conversion at a user selectable sampling frequency. The Súper 8 can either be the Master or Slaved to another unit as there is a BNC IN & OUT for reliable syncing. It even offeres an alternate route to the converter via a DB25 connector to expand the unit´s flexibility.

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OST-8 adat

Maximize your interface

For those that have always wanted to get the most from their audio interface. Now you can finally maximise it to the fullest with the OST-8 adat. After listening to our customers requests we have decided to respond to their needs. Many people rely on the ADAT format and almost every serious sound card includes an ADAT option. Therefore, incorporating an ADAT output is simply a logical progression for our designs. Now, with the OST-8 adat we´ve introduced an 8 slot 500 series enclosure with its own built-in premium converter to make capturing, processing and digitalizing signals at the highest quality possible a reality and easy as can be.

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HERCHILD Model 670

Tube-based Vari-Mu Compressor

Heritage Audio is proud to introduce the HERCHILD Model 670. A totally faithful reproduction to the original legend from the 50s heard on 1,000s of Hits. Stuffed full of valves and transformers, operates at a very high voltage and uses only the best components to deliver the utmost quality possible. This is immediately recognised during use as there are no audible thumps produced in addition to extremely low distortion and noise making it perfect for Mixing and Mastering duties.
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The best Eq of the 60´s

MADRID, SPAIN: Heritage Audio is proud to announce availability of MOTORCITY EQualizer — executed as the world’s first reproduction of the ‘Holy Grail’ of classic EQs, faithfully fashioned by the European pro audio manufacturer from Motown* units owned by eight-time GRAMMY®️ Award-winning producer and mix engineer Michael Brauer to reproduce the unmistakably huge, punchy, and warm signature sound that made the EQ in question as classic as the hits it helped create — as of August 17…

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Introducing the Heritage Audio BritStrip — the culmination of 50 years of analog design in a single rack unit. Britstrip nails the sound of yesterday’s iconic recordings for today’s demanding engineers.

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Make your mixes Succeed!

The Successor is the glue holding all the instruments together, allowing vocals to shine through without mudding the backing track.Learn more.

Heritage Audio was founded in 2011

By Peter Rodriguez a Sound Engineer and Musical Producer with vast experience in the Music Industry.

Heritage Audio’s mission is to bring back the Golden Age of Recording and adapting it to the 21st Century Studios.

Our products cover the various needs in analog signal processing. They are designed and manufactured in Spain and they are sold in more than 36 countries worldwide.