500 Series Modules

Incredibly popular since its introduction in 2013, it remains one of the most popular microphone preamps in its class. Ideal for engineers tracking without eq, or in combination with the 73EQJR, the Heritage 73JR will bring that round bottom end with the exact amount of harmonic distortion. Not surprisingly it has turned into a first choice bass DI as well.

Essentially a 73 module in line mode, it has become a perfect pair with the 73 JR II. It is also a favorite in MCM8 mixing setups, where its round bass, silky highs and inductor based mids delivers that classic sound into your mixes.

This new product is Heritage´s entry into the Internet of Things and anticipates a whole new, additional line of products to the already acclaimed analog classics.

No other current product, be it 500 series, rack or other format, has the features of the BT-500 v2.o, which finally solves the connectivity problems of mobile devices in a professional studio environment.

Carefully engineered to match the sonic character and performance of their 80 series big brothers, HA 500 series modules employ the same key components.
Internally running on +24 volt instead of +-16v by means of a specially designed, very soft start power supply board, Heritage 500 series modules have the same exact headroom and distortion characteristics as their 80 Series equivalents, ensuring nothing is missing.