OST-4 v2.0

The OST-4 V2.0 500 series enclosure is designed for racking any and all 500-series modules and
devices, including ‘double wide’ modules and even the most demanding class-A and vacuum tube

The OST-4 V2.0 enclosure features Heritage Audio’s On Slot Technology, providing maximum
protection, filtering, and isolation to each channel. While most 500-series enclosures on the market have
a relatively simple power supply design essentially feeding every channel in parallel, each channel of the
OST-4 V2.0 enclosure has its own power supply, individually regulated and isolated from the rest. This
ensures that every 500-series module installed will perform at its peak potential, and that no ‘ power
hungry’ or even a faulty module will compromise the performance of another. In addition to reducing
interference, many 500-series devices actually exhibit lower self-noise and better performance when
racked in the OST-4 V2.0 enclosure, specially mic preamps.

A new and exciting feature in the V2.0 model is the Link feature, allowing each channel to be linked over
to the next at the push of a button (on back panel), no patch cables required!

As with all Heritage Audio products; the 500 Series OST-4 V2.0 enclosures are built utilizing the most
cutting edge methods in manufacturing and design, without ever compromising audio quality or cutting
corners — all at the Heritage Audio headquarters in Spain.

The 500 format is here to stay, be set up for it!

With the popularity of 500 Series modules showing no signs of waning, it makes more sense than ever
for both professional and home studios alike to have plenty of slots available to house their growing
collection of new and old 500 Series toys.

Don’t just house your 500 series modules, bring out the best in them!

While a 500 Series enclosure may not seem like the most exciting thing in the studio, you’ve got to have
them. It only makes sense to get one that is durable, not overpriced, compatible with any 500 Series
module you may have, and most importantly, one that will bring out the cleanest and very best
performance in your gear. With the OST-4 V2.0, you have a perfect solution for housing 500 Series
modules in an enclosure which brings out the best of their sonic potential, in a portable, rugged
enclosure that won’t break the bank.

Safer, cleaner, more compatible!

Many experienced engineers are aware of certain ‘power hungry’ class A or vacuum tube based
modules which could cause banks of 500 Series modules to ‘brown out’ or not function, or that simply
would not work in some standard enclosures. The OST-4 offers the widest range of compatibility with all
500 Series modules, ensuring both that ‘demanding’ modules receive the power they need, and that
adjacent modules remain unaffected. Your 500 Series modules have simply never had it so good!

• On Slot Technology version v2.0
• Maximum audio rails current: 400mA per rail per slot, for a total of 1.6 Amps, 1.8 non continuous.
• Maximum phantom power current: 140mA.
• Operating voltage: Universal 100-240 VAC.


I toyed with the idea of owning a lunchbox for some time and finally pulled the trigger on this guy. It’s perfect and simple and its small enough to fit on a crowded desk. Perfect for a first lunchbox. Did I really need 8 slots to fill to start out with? Nope. I have everything I need for years here and it’s good clean power. I want just a few really special modules so this is perfect for me. And it fits in my small space as the power supply is separate and doesn’t take up much room on a desk. Gold plated Neutrik connectors as well.

James from Phoenix, AZ on March 14, 2016
 Excellent all around

This little guy is awesome. very sturdy, and straight to the point. The only downsides of this unit that I can think of are no power switch, and it would be cool to have trs outs on the back. I knew it didn’t have these features when I purchased it, so it isn’t a disappointment at all. For the price its unbeatable.

Anonymous on December 30, 2015

300 bucks, Solid, compact but powerful, very cool green lights……. you can’t beat this deal…….. used it with Neve 1073LB and TG2 500.

Jay from Los angeles on November 11, 2015Music background: Pop, gospel