OST-8 adat

OST-8 adat

For those that have always wanted to get the most from their audio interface. Now you can finally maximise it to the fullest with the OST-8 adat. After listening to our customers requests we have decided to respond to their needs. Many people rely on the ADAT format and almost every serious sound card includes an ADAT option. Therefore, incorporating an ADAT output is simply a logical progression for our designs. Now, with the OST-8 adat we´ve introduced an 8 slot 500 series enclosure with its own built-in premium converter to make capturing, processing and digitalizing signals at the highest quality possible a reality and easy as can be.



Once again Heritage Audio has relied on its tried and tested On Slot Technology to guarantee the cleanest, most protected environment for your valuable 500 series modules. Not only offering unmatched filtering and isolation for each slot, but you can also be sure that you´ll be getting the absolute best performance as each an every module is individually regulated basically providing them their own power supply and guaranteeing they receive all the juice they could ask for. There are even two indicator lights for each slot confirming that the correct voltage (+16V & -16V) is being used.

The OST-8 adat incorporates a high quality premium 24Bit/192kH ADC that can operate as a MASTER unit or SLAVE to another with a BNC connector to sync to WordClock to assure a stable conversion. Right out of the box you already have a top-of-the-line 8 channel converter ready to use with the possibility to gradually add special 500 series modules to complete your own, unique recording or mixing rig. Now, what must be one of the coolest features is that it´s possible to select individually, per channel, the input routed to the ADC. This means one can choose between the signal directly from the INPUT, the signal after going through the 500 module or an ADC EXTERNAL IN signal. This last option is very attractive as it gives you even more processing possibilities for your signal before the conversion stage.

You can count on the OST-8 adat being sturdily built just like all of our Heritage Audio products and includes quality gold plated XLR connectors as well as the Inputs and Outputs duplicated on DB25 connectors for further convenience. Then there´s the ´LINK´ button on the back that has turned into a must have as it permits you to internally connect one module´s output to the next, adjacent module´s input with the no need to use patch cables.


Premium 24Bit/192kH 8 Channel Analog-To-Digital converter can be either MASTER or SLAVE to another unit and guarantee correct syncing with its BNC connector.

. Heritage Audio´s game changing On Slot Technology or OST´ has once again been used to offer the utmost protection, filtering and isolation for you modules and can even increase their performance.

. Alternate Input path to ADC available.

. 2 X ADAT Outputs enables SMUX use.

. 3 selectable input options per channel (Pre 500 module, Post 500 module or External Aux) of the 8 channel ADC means you will always have the most flexible routing possible.

. Trusted, streamlined connection with your audio interface using just one Lightpipe cable.

. OST-8 adat also includes our beloved ´LINK´ button to internally connect one module to the next without the need for patch cables.

. Gold plated, balanced +4dB connectors are used throughout as well as duplicated on DB25 connectors for even more convenience.



. XLR Inputs & Outputs: Gold Plated Balanced +4dB Connectors.

. DB25: 25 Pin Balanced +4dB Eight Channel Connectors.

. On Slot Technology.

. Maximum audio rails current: 1.8A per rail, or 400mA per rail per slot, whatever is reached first.

Maximum phantom power current: 140mA.

. Operating voltage: Universal 100-240 VAC.




. Connector Type: Optical TOSLINK JIS F05.

. Format: ADAT Digital Lightpipe with S/MUX.

. Supported Sample rates (kHz): 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192.

. Channel Assignments @ 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz: Port 1 = Channels 1 – 8, Port 2 = 1 – 8 (mirrored).

. Channel Assignments @ 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz: Port 1 = Channels 1 – 4, Port 2 = Channels 5 – 8.

. Channel Assignments @ 176.4 kHz, 192 kHz: Port 1 = Channels 1 – 2, Port 2 = Channels 3 – 4.

Word Clock

Connector Type: BNC.

. Word Clock Input Termination: 75 Ohms, switchable.

Syncronization Sources

44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4, 192kHz.




Dimensions (W x H x L): 200mm x 134mm (3U) x 482mm.

. Weight: 4.715 Kg .